Why I Love What I Do
About the Artist...


During the recent years the United States has developed an awareness to keep the environment clean. Recycling is now practiced in the majority of households and businesses throughout the country. I've decided to join the cause and all of my goods are made from something recycled (ie. buttons, jeans, material, etc).

My name is Diane Sanders-Epps.  I've been sewing since 1967.  One day, mom could see that I was bored, sat me down at her sewing machine and had me sew random pieces of cloth together.  That day I started my love affair with a sewing machine.  I continued to sew straight seams and then I got my first project, it was a bag made from a pair of my old ripped jeans.  The jeans bag had become a fad in the 60's.

In 2010 my mom was diagnosed with leukemia.  I quit my job to be her constant companion and sewing became "our thing".  The days went by faster and our brains kept working, mom kept thinking about what project to do next.  We brought back the 60's bag and other favorites. One day mom had an idea, she said "Diane why don't you keep sewing and sell your stuff".  Those words were all I needed it was right then that "Mom's Idea" came to fruition. I continue to add new designs to my inventory.

My mom lost her battle with leukemia in November 2011 but thanks to her idea she'll live on forever in my work.


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